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Saturday, 14 January 2012

"Japan Probe, self-appointed lapdog of the Japanese establishment"

Thank you, Ourmani, for that one, and 'Kamo', for reminding me.  I could also go with, Japan Probe: the 'Charisma Man' of Japan-blogs.
The silly gits blocked me from making comments!
"The site has blocked you from posting new comments."
I can't see why.  Well I can, but not for any reason that does them credit.  Instead of jumping onside to defend the 'tradition' of Japanese whaling,* against the Sea Shepherd, I pointed out the latter's tactics were clever, whatever you thought of Sea Shepherd.
This site has become the Japan-apologist site, hasn't it?  It ain't all sakura and maiko, you know.  Look, from the point of view of the Sea Shepherd members, this is pure win.  They don't care what you think; they don't care what I think; they don't care what Japan or Oz thinks; they care what people who will donate to them think, and doing it inside Australian waters was no accident.
To clarify the last part: so they would be subject to Australian laws, not Japanese, and if there is a legal case against them it would be in English, watched by English-language media.
Much was made of it being in international waters, which may be true, but I went with what the reports at the time said: Australian waters.  It has fuck all to do with my point: like them or not, they got the media attention they want, and Japanese whaling doesn't.  You can look up the thread if you want - I won't deign to give them a link - but those are the only two posts I made, and neither can be called flaming or trolling (maybe the part about being apologists, except it's true...).  Because the Probe can only handle a love-in, or because I am moderating comments on this site so the twerp coming from there can't post drivel, I am blocked.

Well Probe, and twerp coming here to troll (who it's a good chance are one and the same), I know you love Japan because you finally got your pole waxed, but never forget:
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. - Proverbs 17:28

'Yen for Living' just posted a great story about how Japanese whaling costs the government more than it earns.  The meat's not popular, it makes you look archaic, it's just pork-barreling: see 'Japanese Razor' at the top of the blog.

*Don't think they were sailing factory-whaling fleets to Antarctica, and selling it to school lunches, pre-Meiji; nor had MacArthur then to organize it.


  1. I got blocked a while back. Counter views however accurate are apparently not welcome?

    I thought it was from my beating a dude at shin_Osaka that got back to them which has me i.p banned from about everywhere...I don't recall why Japan Probe blocked me?

    Fuck em'

    Just make a label that says "Japan Probe promotes child porn" or something and you'll be on pages with them on the search engines and it won't be a good thing for them. You can fuck with them in lot's of ways......you already knew that though ;)

  2. I could never get into Japan Probe or understand why they were so popular - they only ever seem to post crap.

  3. It once posted decent information about things in Japanese media, but now only that through the filter of Japan-fan-boy. Nobody should be allowed to write about Japan if they had no sex-appeal before coming to it.

  4. That's fucked up. I can understand blocking ppl or moderating comments if you have idiots getting personal but when it's a well thought out response on topic -- isn't that the type of comments you would want?

  5. Thanks. Well, he's in Japan because he couldn't face rejection at home, after all...

  6. Dunno if I've joined the elite 'banned' club yet, as I've not checked since it became apparent that my comment on that thread was 'waiting for approval' which it was never going to receive. Which is a little off, as I explicitly defended the guy's prerogative to write whatever he liked.

    I actually think that in the immediate aftermath of last year's disasters, japan probe did a creditable and worthy job countering the more sensationalist scaremongering in a lot of the mainstream English language media. He's just not stopped banging the same bloody drum since.

    Every person or group which expresses concerns about the Fukushima situation is labelled 'irrational', with no thought given to the monumental clusterfucks made whilst handling the situation, and how they might give perfectly rational people pause for thought.

    And the way any discussion on whaling is labelled 'anti-japan' is, as I explained a few months back, not only wrong but plain counter-productive. He probably thinks he's presenting The Other Side Of The Story, but the trouble with that is that you're still only giving one side.

  7. I too had the habit of defending Japan's handling post tsunami... until the petite-Chernobyl. Walking home in Tokyo on the night of the quake, I saw an endless stream of 'Self-Defence Force' helicopters flying north. That and other developments in the first few days made me think the country had its shit much better dialed than letting thousands die in Kobe '95 for dithering over what to do.

    But fucking Tepco was the same old cronyism shit. Never mind putting nuclear plants in a seismic zone, never mind also putting them in line for a tsunami anywhere in the North Pacific, never mind building them with yakuza concrete and staffing them with day-labour, never mind having no fucking nuclear robots in a country working feverishly on sex-bots, but instructing the men on the ground to save the asset while the president does a disappearing act for a few days? This is the shit The Probe defends? Fucking tool.

  8. What is there to defend of the 'tradition' of Japanese whaling anyways? Let them have their hand-thrown harpoons and let them whale the pristine coastal waters of Japan because I am pretty sure that "traditional" Japanese whale hunting didn’t include a commercial whaling operation out of the Southern Ocean.