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Sunday, 29 January 2012


My masseur is a dude even older than me, but I don't care, because he has the extra strength and weight to crush my tight muscles.  I'm a bit like a Labrador: touch insensitive.  Each time I go he keeps asking if it doesn't hurt.  My Japanese is just good enough to tell him "Yes, but it's fine, and pain means it's working."  I feel sorry for him, as he has to work harder on me than on most, and he usually gives me an extra fifteen minutes on the hour.  Then he tells me "Otsukare-sama" when he's worked over an hour!

I've been running over 10km, which is a long way from the 42km I plan to do in summer, and since my gait is imperfect* an adjustment is a good thing every couple of weeks.  I cannot believe I have not made this a habit before.  If you can afford it and are training, do it.  We spend money on much more stupid shit: booze, gear, travel.  Make sure you find a masseur/masseuse you like.  It costs me about 4000yen/hr, though he gives me more than the hour.  Not that I am made of money, but I do not begrudge someone charging a fair wage for their skills when they are not making any better living at it than me.  I'll steal media, but I pay for real work.

*Rock-climbing damaged joint tends to throw one calf and opposing buttock off of plumb.  Have to run more carefully.

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