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Monday, 23 January 2012

Quote of the Day: Japanese TV and food.

...colour and brightness turned up to 11, where all the guests have been given amphetamines, the screen is peppered with random subtitles, and every 10 seconds it cuts to a close-up shot of a bowl of noodles for no apparent reason. That's 90% of Japanese TV right there.
Me?  I think Japanese 'talents' act drunk: the only time anyone's allowed to be or to have fun here.


  1. I saw the title and thought it would be about how Japan has the most limited of culinary imagination. Yeah...throw some Mirin (sweet sake) shoyu and something else on...well...everyfuckin thing. Been here of an on for years and I pee myself with excitement if I happen to find a good Indian,Chinese or anything besides Japanese.

  2. Was in the dog house for sarcasm, challenging 'the Native Wife' to make one Japanese meal that had no soya, fish or rice products. Good friend beat that. His J-girlfriend was sent a care package from her mother to Toronto. He looked in and asked her why it was 'full of bait'.

  3. I love Japanese TV. I love seeing people eat food and say oishee in fake excitement. Don't judge me for that.

    1. Ah, now I have a theory about that -

      That aside, I love Japanese food. I also love Thai, Indian, Italian and a ton of other stuff. I don't love how most of the Thai, Indian and Italian food in Japan ends up tasting Japanese. Spaghetti is a type of pasta, not a type of noodle, and pizza really isn't improved by squid-ink.

  4. Just once... Just once I would like someone to put something in their mouth and say, "Nani-kore!? Fuzaken'nayo!"

  5. Me wifey used to go ga-ga for a fifteen-minute morning program on the weekends that featured a newlywed couple in 'gai-koku' having breakfast for the climax of the show. Each week was something new. Riveting...

  6. You'd think they might learn how to make breakfast...