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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

"Japan is the last major developed country to..."

Well there's a long list, and this amendment will be as meaningful as signing the international treaty on child custody: unenforced.
A ban on the possession of child pornography moved closer to reality Wednesday, but pedophilia portrayed in manga will be exempt.
Japan is the last major developed country to address child porn. Under current legislation, only the production and distribution of child pornography are banned, a situation that activists say is damaging to children...
Japan is the only member of the Group of Seven industrialized nations where the possession of child porn remains legal. Overall, it is banned and subject to penalties in more than 70 countries.
Japan is seen as a major global source of child pornography in photo and video form.
Images that can be legally possessed in Japan show real children being abused, raped and molested, according to activists...

The country’s porn industry is huge and visitors note the ubiquity of sexual imagery, particularly the prevalence of pictures showing young-looking girls in school uniforms.


  1. But, but...,Japan is the safest country in the world!(for children?)

  2. The worst part is that it's not even seen as bad. It's like - 'hey look at us, we have awesome kiddie porn. with added rape!'

    1. Yes, I'm pretty much at the point with Japan that next time I hear 'wareware-Nihonjin' shit I'm going to say, "Like how Japan's the last place child porn is legal?"

      Asshole pulls typical "It's Japanese culture.." card I'm going to say, "Oh, so your daughter? No, don't tell me. How long you keep bathing with her? No, no, shut the fuck up!"

    2. And my kids are sure going to know that all legal protections in Japan, so poorly lived up to as they are, are from a constitution they got from the PEOPLE WHO KICKED THEIR ASSES and never would have written for themselves. And while Japan was etching two-dimensional wood block prints and ossifying it's arts to decrepitude, our: Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, Age of Discovery, French, American and Russian Revolutions, and various codifications of the inalienable rights of individual humanity. Even if poorly honoured in the West, Japan never made the try.

    3. Amen to that!