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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lemond Croix de Fer Credit Card Tourer

If I only had the time to tour, having kids under five, but never mind that.

I did have the time to tinker and change from the original 2006 Lemond Croix de Fer Triple:
- saddle and seatpost
- fork and medium-reach front brake
- crank and bottom bracket (Sugino OX801d), front derailleur and pedals
- tires
- bar tape and light centre-mount
- bottles and cages
- fenders (not all shown)
- cassette to 12-27
- shift cables and housing

What I might yet change, but really needn't:
- a proper frame pump as the bike has a pump-peg
- wheels, except these have given me no trouble
- rear derailleur doesn't need a long cage, but then again it works
- brake cables when I redo the bar tape

You may see function trumps form, though I try to avoid ugly.  If anything catches your curiosity I will detail it, otherwise I'll let the pictures speak.

Yes, my photography is shit.  I already have a wife who can tell me that.  Don't tell me the seatpost clamp is backwards: it is to allow a Revelate Designs seat bag.  Don't tell me the bottles are 'wrong': I don't drink plastic.  No, I am not going to put the handlebars lower.  Etc.

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