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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ontario: where the pale haters live

Thanks Ontario, it's worth returning to my teaching job there. We'll have a minimum of fourteen years* without a hateful Neo-Con government using public employees for 'Jew-baiting': that's the backlash eight years of conservatives will get you, plus your loons in Ottawa. I'll take 'the lesser of two evils', thanks: Liberals.

What should this map tell you?  Here's what it tells me, husband to an East Asian, father to 'mixed' children, atheist, friend to a few homosexuals in same-sex marriages, teacher who preaches tolerance and compassion, somewhere between social-democrat and anarcho-syndicalist, general non-conformist: stay the hell out of the blue areas (Conservative Party wins).  My mother lives in one, and that's why I left.

Everything in the north isn't Tory, because resource industry.  Everything else red and orange (Liberal and NDP) is urban or manufacturing.  All the mouth-breathing blue is white, religious, truck driving rural or as good as.  The darker the blue, the stronger the hate vote.

Well bitches, it sucks to be you for four more years.

*Ten already, and four more.


  1. OK, "loons" I grok, but "where to live wary if you tan" breaks my parser. Is this Canenglish, or mobile phone autocorrection run awry?